Did Plastic Valley Hijack the phrase Technology?

Maybe you have noted that when you’re and study what is the news online, and study using the various tales within the syndicated websites they’ll frequently possess a technology section, which technology section is full of the newest gadgets, social networking methods, and also the newest things via Plastic Valley? I have, so when an admirer of technology, and coordinator for just about any think tank, I am disturbed by all this. Now then let me explain what i am saying.

There are lots of technology which are important, technologies whenever we didn’t shall we be wouldn’t be where we are today. Likewise the majority of the challenges for future years will probably be solved through technology. Many the main challenges don’t connect with the newest social media. For instance, to resolve the pollution problem, and also have less CO2 inside the atmosphere, maybe we must work much more about clean coal technologies. Incidentally, how interesting that far everything technologies came in the last five years, however, you do not hear much relating to this much can you?

Right can you explain that? What about all the new material technology, and carbon nanotubes, and many types of things which will make our cars lighter and much more effective, and our aircraft more efficient? Technologies that will enable us to go to lower towards the feet from the ocean, and perhaps mine rare earth metals within the seafloor without disturbing any marine existence that’s lower there? Not need to discover more on that sort of technology? Why we being barraged while using latest sleek displays, e-readers, and smartphones? Isn’t there more to existence than that? Don’t do not understand me, they are great little consumer personal tech devices, but.

It seems the marketeers, the press bulletins, and enough money flowing into individuals sectors have hijacked the saying technology. People now see the news and believe that technology arises from Plastic Valley? Yes, I’d undergo you much in the hard-core technology arises from IBM, Apple, as well as other Plastic Valley companies – however that doesn’t imply all technology arises from Plastic Valley, or that it’s the only place where major strides are increasingly being made and broken.

It seems in my opinion that inside the syndicated news for instance Google, MSN, along with a couple of from the other engines like google that provide all the news tales around the globe, well, they have to divide we have got we’ve got the technology section tabs on new groups for instance:

Personal Tech Gadgets

Social Technologies

Real Technology

Why, when they did that, your up-and-coming engineers and scientists would understand that there’s more to existence and technology than merely the newest awesome gadget being coded in Plastic Valley, making in China or Taiwan. Indeed I think you will will surprise consider all this and think on.